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Canadian Immigration Interview Tips

Why Interview or not?

An interview is scheduled by an immigration officer to ensure that an applicant has favorable personal qualities such as motivation, initiative, resourcefulness; that the information in an application is accurate; to confirm that an applicant possesses the necessary assets to settle successfully in Canada; to verify that an applicant’s intents to establish permanently in Canada; to understand what is the motivation behind the application.

Usually there will be only one immigration officer. Some officers are quite friendly, but others may be overbearing. In no case should you lose your temper. It is important to present yourself in professional and calm manner. This is necessary, because an immigration officer very often has discretion to make his/her decision based on his/her opinion.

Under the Business Class (Entrepreneur and Investor), applicants are interviewed to ensure conformance with the statutory definitions and to review the general parameters of the business proposal in Canada. Applicants are advised to bring to the interview all original documentation supporting the application, certificates of non-criminal conviction, evidence of settlement funds.

Your spouse and dependent children aged 18 or over can also be asked to accompany you to the interview.

An applicant who meets one of the following criteria may not normally be interviewed:

If the information provided on the application and accompanying documents clearly shows that an applicant will accumulate sufficient points of assessment to meet the mark for their particular immigration group;

If an applicant fails to accumulate sufficient points of assessment and have no chance of accumulating sufficient additional points during an interview.

The likelihood of an interview waiver varies from one visa post to another and is highly discretionary matter, which based on qualifications of a particular applicant, the quality of the supporting documents, and overall applicant's credibility.

Interview Tips

During the immigration process you would be called in for an interview. To become an immigrant  it is important that you pass that interview. Questions are primarily designed to test the knowledge of the applicant but other questions relating the applicant’s background are also asked. Your confidence level would certainly help you a lot during such interviews. There are a number of tips that should be kept in mind which would ensure your interview to go as smooth as possible.

Rule number one is to tell the truth no matter what. It is important to remember that if you lie intentionally during such an interview it may be caught at a later stage which would only cause problems. You might even end up getting deported back to your country. If you are questioned regarding your criminal record it is important to answer truthfully and explain the circumstances which led to the criminal activity. Maybe it wasn’t your fault in the first place so why lie about it.

Bring all the necessary documents for the interview. Apart from that the best advice anyone could give you is to be on time. Arrive at the place early and you won’t have to rush through security in order to be on time for the interview. Catch your breath and enter the room confidently. You know what they say first impression is always the last impression.

During the interview communicate well. If you don’t understand any question ask them to repeat it. Being shy at this stage wouldn’t do you any good. Listen to the question carefully when it is being repeated and answer accordingly. You would be able to answer a question in a much better way if you understand what is being asked. Guessing the answer wouldn’t do you any good either so it is always beneficial to ask them to repeat the question.

As mentioned earlier the first impression is the last impression. The first thing an interviewer sees is you dressing. Before you start talking the interviewer would judge you by your clothing. There dress to impress. It is important that you feel at ease during the interview. Be yourself and don’t try extra hard to impress the interviewer. That wouldn’t help you in any way. In fact that can very well backfire and might damage the impression you may have created. Be polite and appreciative. After the interview is over thank the interviewer for taking your time and considering your application. Do not go out of your way to thank the interviewer. Being overly grateful might not be the right attitude for such situations. Just a quick acknowledgment should suffice.

Attention to every little detail should be given. Even the slightest of things can affect the whole process and determine the success and failure of the interview. It is necessary for you to prepare for the interview and be organized. Show you are confident and give it your best shot.


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